We are pleased to offer to you voyages adaptable to all tastes:

Trekking tours in Dogon country: Discover Dogon Culture and tradition. Visit the Bandiagara Cliffs

Float along the Niger River in traditional Pirogues.

Visits the campsites and villages of the Bozo fishermen

Ride camels in the desert with Timbuktu, “La Mystérieuse

Visit the mosque of Djenné, UNESCO World Heritage sites and weekly market

Watch the annual exodus of the Peuls’ cattle across the Niger River

Voyages in Burkina Faso


Our innovations:

African dance classes - Come discover the African rhythm!!!

Make some music of your own! Djembé drum and Balaphon (Marimba) classes!!!

All our voyages are accompanied by professional guides who speak French, English, German or Italian.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We organize trips for any wish and any budget.

Take a look at our 7, 10 or 15 days trip packages with WADOUBA TOURS! Of course, we will be very happy to adapt any of these itineraries to meet your schedule!

Please contact us for prices!


Our prices include all expenses (transport, food, lodging, guides, boat rides on the river, pinasse trips, village taxes, carriers, carts, camels, and transfers. Customers are responsible for drinks, water, souvenirs, Mask dances, photographs, and gifts for the villages.


Text Box: Mopti—Dogon Country—Djenné

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Text Box: Mopti—Dogon Country—Djenné—Hombori

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Text Box: Mopti—Djenné—Niger River—Dogon

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